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Some Girls Do

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Have you read Some Girls Do? Lemme tell you why you should.

Some Girls Do follows two girls: one is a beauty queen, obsessed with her car, and the other is a lesbian track racer who moved schools because of homophobic rules. But that’s such a surface view of them both. Each character is deep, nuanced, complex, relatable.

There’s a huge discussion about ‘coming out’ in this book. This is definitely why I love it so much! One character is out, loud, and very passionate about people coming – or, more accurately, being – out. The other is absolutely not out and is finding it impossible to come out safely.

The characters do not deal with this in a ‘good’ way. Instead, they deal with it in a messy, teenage, desperate way – and I bloody love it.

So here’s to characters who get so twisted up over the concept of coming out that they push away the people they love. Goodness knows it’s something many of us can relate to. I hope you read this and I hope you read it with compassion and understanding.

Have you read Some Girls Do? Tell me what you liked about it in the comments!


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