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Juliet Takes a Breath: the graphic novel

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I am certain that I would adore Juliet Takes a Breath as a novel but the graphic novel is perfection. Firstly, the art and use of colour by artist Celia Mosocote is a stunning visual experience. But the story… the story by author Gabby Rivera is the best one I’ve read for a while.

Juliet is a feminist, and she’s going to change the world.

This book is about deconstructing white feminism and holding it to account. This book is about chasing your dreams, fighting for your passions, and being true to yourself. This book is about that moment where you realise a hero isn’t perfect and it’s about learning to let go of the people who disappoint you.

It’s queer and powerful as hell and I recommend it to absolutely everyone.

Have you read Juliet Takes a Breath? Tell me what you liked about it in the comments!


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